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The research topics in Ocean Space Planning Laboratory (OSPL) include renewable energy in the ocean, hydrocarbon and mineral resources in the sea and under the seafloor, and resource and energy issues in ocean space utilization. We are working on various problems related to fluid mechanics, structural mechanics, and fluid-structure interaction related to offshore structures and ships.

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Next-Generation Floating Offshore Wind TurbineNEDOhere
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Digital Twin for Ship StructuresJSTRAhere
Fukushima Offshore Wind ConsortiumNEDOhere


◊2024/04The U-Tokyo Towing Tank website has been released.
◊2024/03The laboratory name has been changed.
◊2023/11Higuchi (alumni) got a prize (日本船舶海洋工学会若手優秀講演賞).
◊2023/03Nagumo (M2 student) got a prize (日本船舶海洋工学会褒章).
◊2022/05Information of May Festival Event was released.
◊2022/03Katafuchi(M2 student) got a prize.
◊2021/05The homepage was renewed.